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Cross Linker/Reducer/Retarder/Equipment Cleaner

Aqua Coat offers the following Additives and Cleaners to help with your project needs:

  • Aqua Coat Cross Linker - For use with Aqua-Thane Clear Top Coat if you want to further increase the physical properties of the finish and create a film that has superior water, heat, scratch and chemical resistance.
  • Aqua Coat Reducer/Thinner - Used in place of water to reduce the dry time and viscosity. 
  • Aqua Coat Retarder/Additive - Used to extend or slow down the dry time of the Aqua-Tone Stains and Topcoats. Also used to slow down the dry time for better flow-out, reduced overspray and improve the overall appearance of the final finish.
  • Equipment Cleaner - A cleaner for spray guns, pressure pots, hoses, brushes and all other finish equipment. Works with all water-based finishes. Equipment Cleaner removes wet or hardened stains, urethanes, varnishes, oil or latex paints, and enamels.



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