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Keepsake Box Case Study

Keepsake box fabricator switches to Aqua Thane for better results!

Client: Richard
Location: Lancaster, PA
Industry / Application: Keepsake boxes, chests, millwork
Products Used: Aqua Thane Top Coat
Results: Stunning gloss finish, Very durable, No VOCs, Dries fast between coats

I have been fabricating hardwood keepsake boxes for 10 years.  Up until February 2021, I manufactured these boxes inhouse and had outsourced the finishing which was a conversion varnish that contained high VOCs and odor.  After receiving complaints of the odors from my staff and customers that I have shipped to all over the world, I decided to bring the finishing inhouse and look for an alternative.  After checking around I decided to try Aqua Thane. The finish in not only stunning it is very durable.  The decision has made my customers and staff happier using low odor/low VOC products.  The reviews I receive from customers I just couldn’t be happier with and I am so thankful I found Aqua Coat.  Now I have not only confidence that my customers will be thrilled, I also know they will breathe safe!  Thanks to the team at Aqua Coat.



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