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Furniture Restoration Case Study

Improving the Bottom Line for Furniture Restoration Business

Client: Furniture Restoration Company
Location: Southern Illinois
Industry / Application: Furniture Refinishing, Furniture Manufacturing
Products Used: Aqua Tone Stain, X-119 Sanding Sealer, Aqua Coat Lacquer
Results: Faster production times, eco-friendly product improves safety and lowers insurance costs

“When I started my refinishing business 23 years ago, water-based finishes were just becoming popular.  After some research I decided to try Aqua Coat.  I’ve been happy ever since.  It dries quickly which helps me speed up my production times, making my business better.  It is also easy to use, easy to touch up and easy to clean up.

The quality of my pieces is every bit as good as if not superior to those using solvent-based products.

Besides the obvious reasons, Aqua Coat has other benefits.  Because of the safety factor of water based products there were absolutely no issues underwriting my insurance policy.  Not to mention the city fire department inspection is less intrusive and the visits are short and sweet. All these factors are important to me as a business owner. 

I highly recommend Aqua Coat and will be using it for another 23 years.”


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