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Cabinet Refinishing Case Study

Cabinet Refinisher Selects Aqua Coat for High Quality Cabinet Refinishing

Client: Dan, Cabinet Refinisher
Location: New Jersey
Industry / Application: Cabinet Refinishing, Custom Kitchen Remodeling
Products Used: Aqua Coat Tabletop Commercial Finish, Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer, X-119
Results: Low odor, eco-friendly finishes produce quality cabinets, and happy customers

Over the last 20 years I have built an outstanding, 5-star reputation using Aqua Coat products.

I use Aqua Coat’s Tabletop Commercial Finish for stained pieces and Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer over painted finishes.  Tabletop Commercial Finish has a little amber tone, which works well on stains and adds some richness to the finish.  Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer works well over paint.

I carry sample chips in my van all year long; the heat of summer and the frigid cold of weather do not affect them.  No cracking, chipping or peeling, even in such varying extremes of temperatures.  This fact alone gives my customers a great deal of confidence in the finished product.

Because I work in customer’s homes everyday, a healthy environment is critical.  All the Aqua Coat products are waterborne, and there are no lingering solvent odors.  This is a huge benefit for my customers, especially those who suffer from allergies and those who have pets that might be affected.

Thanks to Aqua Coat, my customers are very pleased with the look, feel and durability of my finished products.  When my customers are happy, I am happy.

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