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Guitar Maker Recommends Water-Based Grain Filler

Acoustic Guitar Maker Recommends Aqua Coat Wood Finishes!

Client: Guitar Finishing Instructor
Location: Pennsylvania
Industry / Application: Musical Instruments, Guitars
Products Used: Clear Grain and Pore Filler
Results: Simple to use, affordable products provided beautiful finish. Aqua Coat Coatings are also water based, eco-friendly, with low odor and VOC!

"I started using Aqua Coat Clear Water-Based Grain Filler because I needed something that was easy to apply and easy to sand.  I teach Acoustic Guitar making and many of my students finish their instruments from home.  Without a guiding hand, the finishing process can be extremely frustrating to the novice finisher so I needed finishing materials that were simple to use without expensive equipment, and that could still achieve a high gloss finish.  After some trial and error with other products, Aqua Coat was recommended to me by a friend.  Now I direct my students towards using Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler first to the raw wood as a grain filler. "

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