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2nd Musical Instrument Giveaway Winner

Posted on June 21, 2022


Here are images from our second winner of our Grain Filler Giveaway for musical instruments.  Thank you Michael for the images.  Michael sanded to 320 and then applied a wash coat of dewaxed shellac.  He then applied Aqua Coat Clear Grain Filler, let it dry and then sanded it down.  He repeated the process until the pores were filled.  Then he applied vinyl sealer and nitrocellulose lacquer.


"I like the way wood looks with a clear grain filler, it gives depth to the finish.  For a long time, I would just spray lacquer on my instruments then sand down until I had the pores filled, a time consuming process.  Opaque grain fillers would leave stain where I did not want the color to be and are mostly solvent based making the process more toxic than I like.  When I found Aqua Coat, I was elated to have a product that was water based and clear.  I use Aqua Coat on all my guitars and the results speak for themselves." 


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