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Controlling Sheen with Flatting Agent

Posted on January 6, 2014

Controlling Sheen with Flatting Agent January 07 2014

Flatting agent is the solid stuff, usually silica, that settles to the bottom of the container of satin or flat finish. When stirred into the finish and applied to wood, the flatting agent reduces the gloss by creating a micro-roughness on the surface. The more flatting agent added to the finish (top coat) the lower the sheen. All film finishes, including Aqua Coat top coats and excluding shellac, are available with flatting agent. The finishes can be labeled as rubbed effect, low sheen, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss.   
Aqua Coat has a flatting agent that can be added to our clear finish top coats to create your own sheen. It’s the top coat that creates the sheen. Coats underneath have very little or no impact. Because the flatted effect is created by a roughened surface and not by the particles that have cured deep within the film, it should be obvious that the last coat of finish applied establishes the sheen. Many flatted finishes appear to scratch more easily than gloss finishes.